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Elephant in Wild

Using Technology to Save Wildlife @ Georgia Tech

Using Human-Wildlife Centered Design yellowjackets are working everyday to solve complex challenges in the world through technology

We are working on several projects with partners throughout the world. Find out what amazing technologies our students are working on.

The Tech4Wildlife student organization has general body meetings twice a month on Thursday nights, with additional events listed on the calendar! The VIP class meets once weekly on Monday mornings.

Want to get involved in our organization as a student, sponsor, or partner?

We are a group of students dedicated to using Human-Wildlife Centered Design at Georgia Tech to create sustainable and indigenous solutions to issues surrounding human-wildlife interactions! There is a need for the development of new techniques to aide in the conservation of wildlife to prevent extinction and the decrease of biodiversity. Examples of such techniques include the use of drones to mitigate rhino poaching or low-cost equipment that can deter elephants or predators from entering rural communities.There are multiple ways to get involved in projects including registering for our Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) course, or attending our biweekly meetings.

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