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Yellowjackets ending wildlife extinction

The purpose of this organization is to:

  1. Support community-driven Technology for Wildlife programs and projects worldwide by collaborating with local and interactional conservation leaders to create new technology to end the sixth mass extinction.

  2. Provide outreach and education programs outside of the organization to all ages to engage them to become backyard conservationists by deploying frugal technology.

  3. Promote sustainable practices on campus via club activities, meetings, projects, etc.

Connect students with sponsors for technological projects where they can carry out conservation technology projects with partners helping native Georgia species and wildlife conservation.




Chief Education Officer

Andrew has been involved in Tech4Wildlife since the first semester of its inception as a Vertically Integrated Project Course. Andrew is currently a 4th-year Ph.D. Student in elephant trunk biomechanics and conservation in the Mechanical Engineering department. Currently, Andrew is working towards graduating in the Summer of 2022 and wants to expand Tech4Wildlife to other universities after graduation. 



Chief Technology Office

Ben has been involved with Tech4Wildlife since before the first semester. As an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech Ben was looking at new ways of using engineering outside of the traditional industry ideology. Ben gained inspiration from different types of innovations including frugal and agriculture technology to help start Tech4Wildlife. First in the course as a student, Ben became an instructor and now as a 2nd year Ph.D. student in Quantitative Biosciences helps oversee many of the projects as the technical lead and project partner. 



Vice President

Zabrina has been involved with Tech4Wildlife since the first semester as an undergraduate student. As a rising senior in Biology at Georgia Tech, she has helped Ben & Andrew improve the science aspect of the VIP course and has helped get the student organization on the ground at Georgia Tech. Zabrina has worked on several different projects centered around elephants in the past semesters and continues to serve on the executive board of the student organization to expand the scope and mission!



Finance Chair

Hi, I'm Dorothy Lubin, and I'm a neuro major minoring in Health and Medical Sciences. I'm on a pre-health track with hopes of becoming a neurologist someday. Wildlife always amazed me as a kid, so it’s nice to be in college and learn about as well as contribute to conservation projects. When I'm not in class, I am usually playing my guitar, reading, or gaming. I've in the past been on the Caribbean Association E-board, a member of the Red Cross, and the Stamps Health Student Ambassadors.



Communications Chair

Anika recently became involved with Tech4Wildlife in the Spring of 2021, and worked on the American Eagle Foundation’s Bumblefoot project in its first semester. She is currently a junior in Civil Engineering with a strong passion for animals. Tech4Wildlife quickly became an area of focus for Anika, leading to her involvement in the student organization, research surrounding the VIP course itself, and eventually, a teaching assistant for the GT4Wild VIP! 



Faculty Advisor

Dr. David Hu is currently a professor of Mechanical Engineering and Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech. Dr. Hu began Tech4Wildlife as the initial instructor and saw the growth of the program from a class of 4 students to a student organization at Georgia Tech. Dr. Hu is an expert in Bio-inspired design and Biolocomotion and has worked to bring the ideas of engineers, biologists, and more together towards common scientific goals.

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