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Get Involved!

There are a number of ways to get involved with conservation at Georgia Tech, and GT4Wild! The first is through the Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) research course, led by Andrew Schulz and David Hu. This course can be taken for 1 or 2 credit hours, and students are welcome to return for multiple semesters!  Please reach out to Andrew Schulz or Anika Patka for more information on this course and what a typical semester looks like! 

 The goal of this VIP is to expose Georgia Tech students to the field of conservation, and to bring different disciplines together to aide various species. All projects are proposed and supported by real experts in the field, who can provide the background knowledge and advice as required.  After this course is completed, a short curriculum will ensure that students learn how to perform background research, conduct ethical experiments with animals, and be able to document their results. In addition to the short curriculum that the class offers, students will grow by communicating with international leaders in wildlife and species conservation, Furthermore, continued participation in this VIP will allow students to take projects from an idea to a tested and implemented solution.


Student Organization


The GT4Wild student organization aims to provide wildlife conservation education to any and all Georgia Tech students interested. Members will be provided with the opportunity to connect with project partners and conservation organizations to create tangible solutions to today's conservation problems. Throughout each semester, this organization will also be scheduling guest speakers, weekend project opportunities, and hackathons. 

Involvement in the student organization is open to students both in and out of the VIP course, and through this org, we hope to be able to expand involvement in conservation past the scope of the VIP course!

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